Duane Osterlind & Eric Osterlind

Hello, I’m Duane Osterlind. As a podcast host, recovery coach & therapist, speaker, and mentor. I’m dedicated to the journey of addiction recovery.

Joining me is my brother and fellow podcast host, Eric Osterlind, from The Stuck Brain Podcast.

Our approach to addiction recovery and wellness isn’t about grand ideas or oversized life adjustments. We’re here for breakthroughs and tangible results by creating attainable, consistent small steps toward your dreams.

The idea that the only way you can change is by taking massive action is a myth, and we aim to break that.

We’re committed to transforming your life a small step at a time.

We see your potential and work tirelessly to bring it to the forefront. You’ll witness not just a change in your behavior but also a significant boost in your self-confidence. We don’t just set high standards; we provide the guidance and support needed to meet and uphold these standards. We want you to be become your best self!

We may offer you small steps, but we’re not focused on superficial goals. Our sole purpose is the wellbeing and growth of each person we work with, offering a path to a healthier, more empowered life

This is our commitment, and it’s what sets us apart in the field of addiction recovery.

Small Step Recovery Downloads & Courses

“I Can’t Get This Thought Out Of My Head: 5 Ways To Conquer Rumination” –Click Here

Calming The Addicted Mind – Free 6 Days Of Mindfulness Email Series – Click Here

You Vs. Your Nervous System: A Revolutionary Approach for Those Who Have Heard It All Before – Online Master Class – Click Here

The Ketamine Secret: The 5-Step Blueprint for Lasting TransformationClick Here

Everyone deserves access. If you can’t afford the course, contact us, and we’ll help you out.