In this episode of “The Addictive Mind Plus,” hosts Duane and Eric Osterlind dive into the transformative power of the Three Circle Plan, a vital tool for those battling both substance and behavioral addictions. They discuss the importance of defining sobriety, identifying risky behaviors, and incorporating positive activities into daily life. By creating a clear and personalized plan, listeners can navigate their recovery journey with greater clarity and confidence. The episode also highlights the launch of a new course designed to help individuals create their own Three Circle Plan, providing step-by-step guidance and support.

Get the Course -> Circles of Sobriety: Mastering Your Recovery With the Complete Circle Plan

Key Topics

  • Understanding the Three Circle Plan for Addiction Recovery
  • Defining sobriety with the inner circle (red zone)
  • Recognizing warning signs in the middle circle (yellow zone)
  • Incorporating positive behaviors in the outer circle (green zone)
  • Adding a relational component with the fourth circle (blue zone)


  • [00:01:00] Introduction to the Three Circle Plan
  • [00:03:00] Defining sobriety with the inner circle
  • [00:07:26] Recognizing warning signs with the middle circle
  • [00:10:04] Incorporating positive behaviors with the outer circle
  • [00:13:58] Importance of writing down your plan
  • [00:15:08] Introducing the fourth circle for relational impact
  • [00:16:46] Details about the new course on creating a circle plan

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