In this episode of “The Addicted Mind,” Duane and Eric Osterlind explore the concept of the hero’s journey and how it applies to addiction recovery. Drawing from Joseph Campbell’s work on mythology, they discuss the three phases of the hero’s journey—departure, initiation, and return—and how these stages can provide a roadmap for personal transformation. By seeing recovery through the lens of a hero’s journey, individuals can gain a new perspective and find hope in their path to sobriety. Join us as we delve into the powerful parallels between classic stories like “Lord of the Rings” and the journey to overcoming addiction.

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Key Topics

– The hero’s journey framework by Joseph Campbell.

– Applying the hero’s journey to addiction recovery.

– The three phases: Departure, Initiation, and Return.

– The significance of storytelling in personal transformation.

– Creating a new narrative to support recovery.



  1. [00:01:04] – Introduction to the hero’s journey and its relevance to recovery.
  2. [00:02:00] – History and significance of Joseph Campbell’s work.
  3. [00:04:26] – The departure phase: Recognizing the need for change.
  4. [00:06:31] – The initiation phase: Facing challenges and finding support.
  5. [00:08:50] – The return phase: Embracing a new identity and sharing gifts.
  6. [00:10:09] – Applying the hero’s journey repeatedly in life.
  7. [00:11:22] – Community support and upcoming deep dive session.

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