Join hosts Duane and Eric Osterlind in this enlightening episode of “The Addicted Mind Plus,” where they explore the vital role of values in achieving a harmonious and fulfilling life. Understanding and defining your values is likened to setting a rudder on your life’s boat, guiding you through the storms of stress, guilt, and dissatisfaction that come from living out of alignment with your true self. The conversation dives deep into how values serve as a North Star, aiding those in recovery or anyone seeking stability to make intentional, value-driven choices rather than reactive ones. This episode is essential for anyone feeling stuck or purposeless, offering practical advice on defining and realigning with what’s truly important.

Download the worksheet: Building a Life & Recovery Guided by Your Values Worksheet


Key Topics

– The importance of knowing and aligning with your personal values

– How values act as a guiding light in life, preventing feelings of meaninglessness

– The dynamic nature of values and the need to reassess them over time

– Common pitfalls when values are unclear or unexamined

– Practical steps for identifying and living according to your values


Key Moments

– [00:01:00] Introduction to the importance of values in life

– [00:02:00] Discussion on how misaligned values can lead to life dissatisfaction

– [00:04:00] The benefits of living a value-driven life in recovery

– [00:06:00] How emotional reactions can derail us from our value system

– [00:09:00] Strategies for defining and aligning with personal values

– [00:11:00] The impact of values on decision-making in various life areas

– [00:14:00] Conclusion and resources for further exploration of values


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