In this vital episode of “The Addicted Mind Plus,” Duane and Eric Osterlind dive into the critical topic of relapse prevention and planning. They stress the importance of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to maintaining sobriety. The duo discusses how a well-thought-out relapse plan can significantly reduce the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and defeat that often accompany recovery. They also emphasize that making a plan during moments of clarity and health is essential.

By incorporating practical strategies, such as identifying triggers and outlining coping mechanisms, listeners are equipped with tools to navigate challenging situations effectively. This episode is not only a guide but also an encouragement for anyone struggling with addiction to take control and prepare for the future.

Download The Relapse Prevention Planning Worksheet

Key Topics

  • The critical importance of a relapse prevention plan
  • Identifying and preparing for triggers
  • The role of emotional and situational awareness in relapse
  • Strategies for immediate response to cravings
  • Building a support network as part of the relapse plan


Key Moments

  • [00:01:06] Discussion begins on the significance of relapse prevention.
  • [00:02:22] Explaining the high risk of relapse and the best time to prepare.
  • [00:03:15] The proactive benefits of planning are discussed.
  • [00:06:32] The value of a support network in relapse prevention.
  • [00:10:00] Detailed guidance on creating a personal relapse plan.
  • [00:16:48] Conclusion and resources for listeners to create their own plan.

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