In this episode of The Addicted Mind Plus, Duane and Eric Osterlind dive into the importance of celebrating micro wins in the journey of recovery. They discuss how small victories, often overlooked, play a crucial role in maintaining motivation and building resilience. By focusing on these tiny achievements, you can create a positive mindset that fuels your progress toward larger goals. Whether it’s putting on your shoes for a walk or writing a single sentence in your journal, these micro wins can significantly boost your emotional well-being and keep you moving forward. Tune in to learn practical tips and hear inspiring insights on how to make the most of your daily successes.


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Key Topics

  • The significance of micro wins in recovery
  • How small victories boost motivation and resilience
  • Practical examples of celebrating micro wins
  • The impact of savoring positive experiences
  • Strategies for incorporating micro wins into daily life

Key Moments

  1. [00:01:05] – Introduction to micro wins and their importance
  2. [00:02:24] – Discussion on the nihilistic mindset and its impact on recovery
  3. [00:03:00] – The role of small victories in building momentum
  4. [00:04:00] – Research findings on savoring and its benefits
  5. [00:06:55] – Practical examples of micro wins in fitness and personal development
  6. [00:09:23] – Strategies for recognizing and celebrating micro wins
  7. [00:14:00] – Encouragement to start celebrating micro wins and available resources

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