Harry Derbitsky, President of Advanced Coaches Training Inc. and author of “Evolution of Addiction Recovery,” joins us on this episode of The Addicted Mind. While Harry himself has never been addicted to a substance, he recognizes that there are addictive behavior patterns in every person, and he has committed his life to helping reorient the minds of those affected by addiction

During his time working with the Indigenous people of Vancouver and International clients, Harry has found some common patterns: people want to leave their addiction, but they do not know how because, many of the common strategies focus on personal effort, while working with clients on their internal condition first brings much more significant results. Harry uses a 3 Principles paradigm of Universal Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, uncovered by Sydney Banks, which combines mental health and spiritual wisdom. With this model, the primary goal is to guide the client to find the answers within themselves, connecting to the spiritual and having their own moment of Insight, rather than continually trying to take in the information they are being taught. In this place, they will finally feel the healing that they have been trying to find through their addiction all this time. But now, they have experienced it in authenticity and satisfaction, and they will want to stay there rather than going back to the patterns of thinking and behavior that lead them away.

From the therapist’s standpoint, it is most useful to give clients the space to find what they need internally and help them process what they are experiencing, perhaps sharing some of your own experiences of what you have seen. It is also essential to understand and remember that Universal Thought creates feeling and feeling creates form. This spiritual-psychological process is one of the driving forces of addiction, but it can also be the golden ticket out of the addictive behavior pattern. You should focus on talking about and to their health rather than something being “wrong with them” and recognize that even though the topic is severe, you don’t have to be serious about it.

Harry encourages people who want more information about the 3 Principles or other aspects of this philosophy towards addiction treatment to visit his website.

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