In this eye-opening episode, Duane and Eric dive into the often painful topic of shame and how it can trap us in cycles of addiction, anxiety, and self-criticism. They introduce the concept of the shame compass, a tool developed by Donald Nathanson in 1992, which helps us understand the four main ways we deal with shame: withdrawal, attacking self, avoidance, and attacking others. By recognizing these patterns, we can start to navigate our way out of shame and build resilience. The hosts emphasize that no one heals through shame, but by understanding and addressing it, we can break free from negative cycles and live the life we truly want. This episode is not just about the struggles with shame but also offers hope and practical advice for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

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Key Topics:

    • The impact of shame on addiction and mental health
    • Understanding the shame compass and its four directions
    • Strategies for building shame resilience
    • The importance of addressing shame for recovery
    • How to use the shame compass in everyday life

Key Moments Timestamps:

    • [00:00] Introduction to the episode and topic of shame
    • [01:00] How shame keeps us stuck in negative cycles
    • [03:05] History and explanation of the shame compass
    • [04:00] Detailed look at the four ways of dealing with shame
    • [07:00] Avoidance and its effects on addiction and recovery
    • [08:00] Attacking others as a response to shame
    • [11:13] Conclusion and resources for listeners

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