Today’s episode dives into the essential topics of goal setting and habit formation, especially focusing on how they can help break the cycle of addiction, anxiety, and depression. Duane Osterlind and Eric Osterlind guide us through understanding the critical role of setting realistic goals and forming positive habits to steer our lives in the direction we desire. They highlight the importance of reflection in goal setting, using SMART goals as a tool for clarity and action. Moreover, they discuss the difference between goals and habits and how they interplay to create lasting change. By sharing personal experiences and practical advice, the hosts emphasize the power of small steps and the learning opportunities in setbacks. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to transform their life and achieve their dreams.

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Key Topics:

  • The importance of goal setting and habit formation in overcoming addiction and improving mental health.
  • Reflection and the role of SMART goals in making goals clear and achievable.
  • The difference between goals (where you want to go) and habits (the automatic behaviors that get you there).
  • Strategies for setting effective goals and forming positive habits.
  • Embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth and the power of sharing goals with supportive communities.


  1. [00:00:00] Introduction to goal setting and habit formation.
  2. [00:02:00] The connection between lack of direction and the cycle of addiction.
  3. [00:04:07] Discussion on the power of habits and their automatic nature.
  4. [00:07:00] Explaining SMART goals and their benefits.
  5. [00:09:34] Distinguishing between goals and habits.
  6. [00:14:09] The significance of setbacks and learning from failures.
  7. [00:17:43] Summary and closing thoughts.

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