In this episode of The Addicted Mind Plus, hosts Duane Osterlind and Eric Osterlind explore the transformative power of routines in recovery. They discuss how establishing a daily routine can bring stability to the chaotic early and mid-stages of recovery, and how it can even benefit long-term wellness. By setting a routine, individuals can reduce anxiety, improve sleep cycles, and create a positive structure that supports their goals. The hosts also debunk common myths about routines and provide practical tips to overcome roadblocks. Whether you’re just starting your recovery journey or looking to strengthen your long-term stability, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice.

Download the eBook “Stability Routine for Early Recovery: Transforming Chaos into a Safe Daily Routine”

Key Topics

  • Importance of setting a daily routine in recovery
  • Debunking myths about routines being boring and rigid
  • Simple steps to start a routine and keep it flexible
  • Addressing roadblocks like negative self-talk and burnout
  • The role of accountability in maintaining a routine

Key Moments

  1. [00:01:00] – Introduction to the topic of routines in recovery
  2. [00:02:00] – Definition and benefits of a routine
  3. [00:03:29] – The importance of a morning routine
  4. [00:05:30] – Debunking myths about routines
  5. [00:08:56] – Flexibility and simplicity in routines
  6. [00:11:00] – Overcoming roadblocks in setting routines
  7. [00:13:47] – The importance of accountability



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