In this eye-opening episode of TAM+, hosts Duane and Eric Osterlind dive into the transformative concept of radical acceptance. They explore how embracing reality as it is—without avoidance or escape—can break the vicious cycle of addiction, anxiety, and depression. The discussion begins with an introduction to the concept’s roots in Buddhist teachings and its development into a key component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Marsha Linehan.

The hosts share personal anecdotes and practical advice, highlighting the difference between acceptance and approval, and offer strategies for practicing radical acceptance in daily life. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience, proving that acceptance is not about giving up but about empowering oneself to effect meaningful change.


Free Download: The Power of Radical Acceptance Worksheet

Key Topics:

  • The origins and importance of radical acceptance in overcoming negative thought patterns and behaviors.
  • The distinction between accepting reality and approving of it.
  • Practical tips and radical acceptance statements to integrate into daily life.
  • The role of mindfulness and meditation in fostering acceptance.
  • How to begin practicing radical acceptance and its benefits in mental health and well-being.


  • [00:00] Introduction to Radical Acceptance and its Role in Overcoming Addiction
  • [03:12] Exploring the Meaning and Practice of Radical Acceptance
  • [04:53] The Origins of Radical Acceptance and its Therapeutic Impact
  • [07:00] The Difference Between Acceptance and Approval
  • [10:27] Emotional Barriers to Radical Acceptance and How to Overcome Them
  • [14:32] Situations Where Radical Acceptance is Not Appropriate
  • [17:28] The Proven Benefits of Radical Acceptance and How to Start Practicing

Free Download: The Power of Radical Acceptance Worksheet

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