This episode dives into the Stages of Change Model, a powerful tool for understanding and navigating personal growth. Hosts Duane and Eric explore the six stages: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and relapse. They emphasize the model’s humanistic approach, acknowledging that change is a non-linear journey with room for setbacks and restarts. Learn how to identify your current stage, overcome obstacles, and move towards lasting positive change.

Key Topics:

  • The six stages of the Stages of Change Model
  • Recognizing your current stage of change
  • Overcoming challenges in each stage
  • Moving from contemplation to action
  • The role of relapse in the change process
  • Applying the model to personal growth and addiction recovery


  • Introduction (00:00-01:00)
  • Overview of the Stages of Change Model (01:00-03:32)
  • Deep Dive into the Six Stages (03:32-10:47)
  • Addressing Criticisms and Benefits of the Model (10:47-12:26)
  • Practical Applications and Resources (12:26-15:39)


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