In this episode of The Addicted Mind Plus, Duane and Eric Osterlind delve into the concept of attachment and its critical role in recovery from addiction. They discuss the different types of attachment styles—secure, anxious, dismissive, and fearful—and how these styles impact our ability to form healthy relationships. By understanding your attachment style, you can improve your relationships and strengthen your recovery journey. Tune in to learn how early childhood attachments shape your adult life and get practical tips to build better connections. Join us for a deeper dive into this powerful topic and find out how you can take actionable steps towards healing.


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Key Topics

– The importance of understanding attachment in addiction recovery.

– Different attachment styles: secure, anxious, dismissive, and fearful.

– How early childhood experiences shape adult relationships.

– Practical tips for improving relationship skills in recovery.

– The connection between attachment styles and forming a supportive community.




  1. [00:02:01] – Introduction to the importance of attachment in recovery.
  2. [00:05:00] – Historical background of attachment theory by John Bowlby.
  3. [00:07:00] – Explanation of secure attachment.
  4. [00:08:05] – Anxious or preoccupied attachment style.
  5. [00:09:40] – Dismissive attachment and its impact on relationships.
  6. [00:11:00] – Fearful avoidant or disorganized attachment.
  7. [00:13:00] – Stan Tatkin’s perspective on attachment styles.

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