In this episode of The Addicted Mind, hosts Duane and Eric Osterlind explore the profound connection between grief and addiction recovery. Using Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—they discuss how these stages apply to the emotional process of giving up an addiction. Many people don’t realize that overcoming addiction involves grieving the loss of the substance that has been a significant part of their lives. By understanding and embracing these stages, individuals can move more effectively through their recovery journey. Tune in to learn how recognizing and processing grief can lead to a deeper sense of acceptance and a more fulfilling life in recovery.


Key Topics

  • The five stages of grief and their application to addiction recovery
  • The hidden grief of giving up addiction
  • Emotional challenges and identity loss in recovery
  • The non-linear nature of the grief process
  • Tools and support for navigating grief in recovery

Key Moments

  1. [00:01:00] Introduction to the topic of grief in recovery
  2. [00:02:00] Discussion on the grief of giving up an addiction
  3. [00:04:00] Explanation of the five stages of grief
  4. [00:06:30] Deep dive into the anger stage and its impact
  5. [00:09:00] Exploring the depression stage and identity loss
  6. [00:11:30] Moving towards acceptance and its significance in recovery
  7. [00:14:10] Announcement of the worksheet and deeper dive session


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