Today, Dr. Faye Mandell is with us to talk about spirituality, connection, and how being in the present moment and looking at our reality from a quantum perspective can help us find more joy and happiness. 

Dr. Mandell is a practicing Awareness Coach. Although she has a Ph.D. in psychology, she does not use the old paradigm psychological framework that she learned in graduate school. 

Dr. Mandell wanted to continue educating herself so she went to the Cambridge Adult Education building in Massachusetts and decided to randomly choose a course. At the time, she did not yet know that random was the order of the universe. She had never studied anything to do with physics, before, and by chance, the course that her finger landed on was called Quantum Physics In The Face of God.

The course was given by Fred Allen Wolfe and it completely re-oriented Dr.Mandell’s life and changed the way that she interacted with people from then on. She started to see things clearly and understand that reality is not what it seems. 

Dr. Mandell began to get the meaning of the equation, E equals MC squared. And she began to realize that nothing physical is really solid and that everything is a matter of vibration and resonance. 

She familiarized herself with the work of Albert Einstein and it changed her whole understanding of reality. It helped her understand that we are the observers, not separate from the observed, that one thing can be in many places at the same time, and that we create our reality. 

You cannot solve a problem with the same information that you used to create it. Thought moves you in time, so when you’re thinking you cannot be in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, however, the mind is quiet and the information from your body becomes what you focus on, and what’s intelligent for you. This is because the body has superior intelligence.

We have to shift our attention from being addicted to the thoughts in our heads, to listening to the information from our bodies. 

All our cells have memories, and memories are intelligent. They can sense what is good for us and what is bad. And we’re getting information from all our cells continuously, moment by moment. This kind of information is known as natural codes and it does not require any input from the mind. The function of the mind is to create and innovate ways to connect with the present moment.

Our feelings are the information from the body to ourselves. Built into each feeling is the right action to perform to recalibrate ourselves to come back to the present. So, to get the body to use its superior intelligence, we need to pay attention to our feelings. This is the exact opposite of what our culture tells us to do. Anxiety and frustration are examples of the type of feelings that give us information.

Feelings lead to thoughts and negative emotions are feelings plus thoughts. We need to learn how to separate the feeling from the thought so that we can stop pulling lower emotions back into ourselves. We want to listen to how the thought is structured, rather than the content of the thought, so that we can find out where we are in time and space.

Our experiences create forms that then become our belief systems. This locks us into a false belief about what reality is and it can make us lose our creative ability. Dr. Mandell calls this being in the matrix. She helps people by reframing things for them so that they can see them from a different perspective.

You have to listen to the structure of your thoughts because the structure tells you where you are in time and space.

We choose where to put our attention. The phrase, “I am”, tells us that we’re in the present moment.

To get people off their addiction to listening to their stories, and to move their attention to the structure of their thoughts rather than the content, is the challenge of awareness.

Addiction to thoughts is as powerful as an addiction to a substance. Shifting your focus is the key to your freedom. When you are free from addiction, you become able to make choices and become driven by the wonderful six drivers of behavior. They are service, compassion, integrity, accountability, courage, and gratitude. 

Remember that nothing is impossible. You can choose where to put your attention- even when you’re sick. Where you place your attention can have a very big influence on your life.


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