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Anyone who has worked in the field of addiction recovery will know that recovery is a long road, and often we as therapists and counselors will need to find ways to engage our client’s sense of thought and endurance. The work of Virginia Satir has been extremely influential in addiction recovery, and this week’s guest, Stephen Buckbee, has been using Satir’s methods successfully for years now.

Stephen joins Duane Osterlind on the Addicted Mind this week to explain the transformative power of embracing change. Therapy, he says, is a process that the counselor and therapist can enter into with their client. Rather than striving to “fix” a recovering addict, we have the power to generate a place of safety and self-discovery. Therapy is at its most powerful when the slow change process is fully engaged. The Satir Method is very good at embracing change and paving the way to recovery. Join us this week as we celebrate recovery and empowerment through self-discovery!

Also in this episode.

  • How Stephen employs the principles of Virginia Satir’s methods with clients who struggle with addictions.
  • A discussion of the foreign elements that begin the process of change.
  • This model meets the client where they are at so that they can begin the decision-making process.
  • The most difficult obstacle for recovery is forgiveness for past transgressions.
  • Moving on from the past into the future of recovery.
  • Using the Satir method to help addicts re-focus their thoughts away from the pleasure of addiction.
  • The huge importance of a support system.
  • The burdens of busy-ness.

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