Mindfulness. It’s all the rage on the internet, but a lot of people haven’t a clue what it means when they see it. We all have a different image and set of expectations about mindfulness, but what actually is it, and how can it help those on the road to recovery? Is it just a fad, or will adopting a mindfulness practice really make a difference in the way we think?

Robert Cox is a Mindfulness Master, and he has experience and success stories to share with the “Addicted Mind” community this week. Robert is also the host of two podcasts, so he knows a thing or two about making something “heady” like Mindfulness easy to digest. Robert shares the evidence scientists have gathered for the brain transforming power of mindfulness, and then teaches you a few tricks to try it out on your own.

·      Robert defines Mindfulness-based off of research.

·      The subtle difference between mindfulness and meditation.

·      Using mindfulness to build resistance to cravings.

·      The current mindfulness research for treatment in addiction and autism.

·      Changing brain chemistry through mindfulness.

·      We can break neuron connections and rewire them by catching it early.

·      Anyone can benefit from a mindfulness practice.

·      “Chill” App on iPhone to help ground you.

·      Learn a simple grounding exercise.

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Discover more with Robert’s “Mindful Recovery” and “Listening to Autism” Podcasts.