Can high achievers truly recover from hidden addictions without sacrificing their success? Join Duane for a compelling conversation with Roland Cochrun, founder of the Successful Addict, as he reveals his journey and the unique challenges faced by high achievers dealing with sex and porn addiction. Discover how a relentless pursuit of success and people-pleasing tendencies can mask a deeper loneliness and lead to destructive behaviors. Roland shares how the Successful Addict Program offers a supportive environment through daily accountability, weekly calls, and biannual retreats, integrating business success strategies with effective recovery methods.

We are excited to offer this collaboration with The Addicted Mind as a resource to high-achievers with sex and porn addiction who are looking for a group of like-minded men to recover with.

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Be aware of the pivotal moments when high achievers realize that their initial success yields diminishing returns, leading to an unexpected emptiness despite societal expectations. Roland and Duane discuss the insidious nature of sex and porn addiction among high achievers and the difficulties they face in admitting to such issues. Learn how high achievers, often addicted to their self-concepts and the validation derived from success, can begin to address these underlying behaviors to achieve genuine recovery and self-awareness.

Unpacking the daunting task of unwinding deeply ingrained belief systems, Roland shares personal stories of resistance to therapy and the importance of finding a community of like-minded individuals. Discover the transformative power of group support and the significance of reintegrating a sensitive side to heal and improve personal relationships. This episode offers valuable advice for those struggling with addiction and underscores how finding the right tribe can turn recovery into a life-changing journey.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Unique approach for high achievers recovery
  • High achievers and process addictions
  • Unpacking addiction and self-concept
  • Unwinding belief systems for high achievers
  • Entitlement and addiction in high achievers
  • Finding your tribe in recovery

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