Struggles with alcohol and depression are narratives many may find familiar, but not everyone’s story is a journey through the eye of the storm to a place of hope and healing. USMC veteran Jesse Carrajat, our esteemed guest, brings to light his transformation from a high-flying corporate executive to a beacon of wellness through his ventures, Altum Fitness and the Live Deep podcast. His candid conversation unveils the hidden battles against addiction and mental health challenges that he, like many, has faced, and the pivotal moments of clarity that steered him towards sobriety and a profound dedication to helping others. 

Amidst the sweat and tears of rebuilding a life marred by trauma, Jesse’s tale is one of reclamation, of a spirit once dulled by the weight of responsibility and the grip of substance dependency. He shares the intricacies of navigating life’s roles – be it as a husband, father, or business leader – while locked in a duel with personal demons. His commitment to turning the tide, leaving behind a lucrative career to foster a community-focused approach to recovery, resonates as a testament to the power of faith and the unwavering resolve to pursue well-being.

As we unpack the science behind Jesse’s fitness protocols and his philosophy on life, we reveal the transformative power of combining physical health with emotional support. Hear how Jesse’s passion for fitness and his commitment to building a strong, supportive community are key to his recovery strategy, offering a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of addiction and mental health challenges.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Jesse’s journey from serving in the Marine Corps to becoming a fitness mentor
  • Struggle with addiction and how he found sobriety
  • The role of fitness in his life transformation and recovery process
  • A unique approach to wellness, combining military experience with fitness knowledge
  • Applying lessons and discipline learned from the Marine Corps to personal life
  • Redefining life and wellness through the lens of sobriety and fitness

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