Today, Erin Miller shares her story of losing her son, Chad, to heroin addiction. She talks very frankly about her painful process of grief and loss, and she explains how she’s managed to find meaning and purpose in what she’s been through, by using Chad’s story to help others.

Five years have passed since Chad’s death. During this time, Erin has gained a lot of insight and wisdom, and her current perspective is completely different from how it was at the time of his death. Being able to help others has made the whole experience worthwhile for her. 

Erin explains that addiction has become an epidemic. It is on the rise and it is destroying families and people’s lives. She believes that there’s one kind of addiction or another running in virtually every household because both street drugs and prescription medication are so very easily available today. This is why she advocates strongly for mental well-being and helps people to find ways, other than medication, to cope with their inner pain.

Erin advises parents to be open with their kids and let them know that having an addiction is not something to be judged. And as a parent, it is important to know that your child’s addiction is not your fault if you have done your best. 

Erin has written a book, Miller Strong Rewrite Your Story – Take a Stand and Turn Your Past Into Your Superpower, which is due to be launched soon. She spent five years interviewing thousands of addicts and people in recovery and this taught her that nobody likes to own up to their faults or to admit that they are not in control.

Erin started a foundation, called Miller Strong Seventeen Foundation. It is all about purpose because most people tend to lose their purpose somewhere in their lives. 

Erin explains that sharing our stories is very important because for every story shared someone is needing to hear that exact story. Erin believes that we should provide help for those who need it, and lean on each other, especially on the darkest days.

Erin found God with the help of a spiritual healer in Indonesia.


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