On this episode of the Addicted Mind podcast, our guest is Dr. Scott D. Miller of the International Center of Clinical Excellence in the field of mental health. Dr. Miller has used his decades of experience in the industry to develop outcome measures with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of therapy. These outcomes are not merely “milestones” or objective progress markers, but are more subjective and are focused on the client’s well-being and function. Previous training for therapists had been targeted towards treating the symptoms that the client had, but often even when the symptoms had gone away, the person wasn’t feeling much better. Using the ORS and SRS scales that Dr. Miller developed allows the therapist and the client to maintain an open dialogue regarding the effectiveness of their treatment and their satisfaction with their relationship overall, which is key to the success of the therapy. This practice of consistently tracking and reporting results allows the therapist to adapt their methods for each client, allocating the care and energy necessary to develop a healthy relationship that has proven to be essential for the treatment to be effective. Dr. Miller shares that a significant portion of the population that needs help does not seek it, and the main reason that is cited for this deficit is the misconception that therapy is not effective. However, the average treated person is better off than 80% of people with similar problems who are not receiving any care. Additionally, 80% of people would instead talk to someone about their issues than receive a medication to treat their issues from their general physician. When someone does decide to seek treatment for their issue, the most crucial step is to find the right therapist for them. This therapist is going to be getting to know you very well, so you must make sure that you can develop a trusting relationship with them and know that their advice and methods are for the best. Be prepared to call or visit several therapists to find the right fit for you and do not be discouraged when one does not work out. To Connect with Scott: http://www.scottdmiller.com https://www.centerforclinicalexcellence.com