Welcome back to The Addicted Mind Podcast. This week, you will have a chance to explore the amazing work of Virginia Satir with Teresa Mclellan. Teresa has been in the field for 18 years, and she’s worked with just about everyone: Couples, families, men, women, co-ed groups, and more! Thanks to her range of experience, she knows a thing or two about how we as human beings respond to therapy, and Virginia Satir’s methods really made an impact on her. Now, Teresa is employing the model for addiction recovery in a men’s prison and seeing amazing results.

Satir was ahead of her time in some of her practices, so this is a chance to really shed some light on the impact she has made. Combined with what we know now about the brain and human psychology as a whole, it is easy to see that Satir’s emphasis on human connection is exactly what an addict in recovery needs to experience. Teresa shares her wealth of wisdom and more this week, so you won’t want to miss it!

  • Discover Virginia Satir, and her incredible methods for therapy.
  • Growth models rather than the pathology of people and problems.
  • Experiential part of the Satir Method.
  • Emotions are felt in the body to fill in the gaps.
  • How the Satir model and addiction recovery comes together.
  • How Satir shows up in more “current” therapy practices.
  • Using imagery and experience to allow addicts to be themselves.

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