When healing takes center stage, hope is never far behind. Dr. Mark Lasko joins Duane as they step into the conversation space with a heart full of empathy and a wealth of knowledge on the intricate dance of addiction treatment and recovery. Mark’s journey, touched by the struggles of addiction within his own family, has fueled a passion that’s evident as we navigate the subject of client-focused care. Mark’s insights, derived from his hands-on experience in the criminal justice system, bring to light the deep-seated connection between addiction, family dynamics, and societal impact. He candidly shares how nurturing one person’s path to wellness can send waves of healing throughout entire communities – reshaping not only individual lives but the societal fabric as a whole.

In our conversation, we explore the Samaritan Recovery Community’s mission, where personal connection and community engagement are the cornerstones of healing. Mark and Duane discuss the importance of creating environments that foster long-term recovery, emphasizing the role of alumni networks and monthly client gatherings. These touchpoints form the heart of a compassionate community-based approach, demonstrating that the path to sobriety is about so much more than abstaining – but about finding one’s place in the world and forming meaningful relationships.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Client-focused care in addiction treatment
  • Compassionate community-based recovery approach
  • Building compassionate communities in recovery
  • Providing evidence-based care in therapy
  • Barriers to success for homeless individuals 

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Supporting Resources:

Samaritan Recovery Community: https://samctr.org/


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