Today, let’s journey through the realms of neuroscience, addiction research, and the promising future of treatment strategies for substance use disorders. On this episode, Duane speaks with Dr. Paul Kenny, a distinguished figure in neuroscience and addiction research. He unravels his research on signaling cascades in rodents’ brains, providing fascinating insights into addiction-like behaviors. 

The discussion turns engaging as Paul illuminates his groundbreaking work with certain treatments and their potential role in addressing cravings and motivation in substance use disorders is nothing short of fascinating. 

They also steer the conversation towards an area often overlooked, which is the relationship between drugs, addiction, and satiety. Paul dissects how potent drugs like cocaine and heroin trigger extreme pleasure and consequently, substance use disorders. He shares his insights into how the satisfaction derived from drug use and the ritualistic patterns of drug consumption could be altered to reduce dependence. 

This episode sheds light on the promising field of addiction research and the need to raise public awareness of the issue. This is a testament to the incredible work being done by Cure Addiction Now. By understanding the brain’s role in addiction, we can potentially change the way we approach substance use disorders and find innovative ways to help those struggling with addiction.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Groundbreaking research on addiction treatment
  • Exploring medications to control cravings and motivation
  • Drugs, addiction, and satiety relationship
  • GLP-1 enhancers and their potential to treat drug addiction
  • Exploring GLP-1 modulators for addiction treatment
  • About Cure Addiction Now

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