Part of the work we do to treat addiction is to work through the other preexisting conditions and environmental factors that could contribute to addictive behavior. Those who suffer from a co-morbid condition will notice that addiction recovery is much harder to treat without also addressing the other condition. Recently, we have more insight than ever before how Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) plays a role in sex addiction in particular. Today, our guest is Dr. John Sealy, who has been an advocate and forerunner in how ADD and Addiction influence one another. As we learn more and more about the treatment of ADD, we can also change how we treat sex addiction.
Dr. Sealy is passionate about ensuring that people get the help they need. He does not treat addiction as a single issue but looks at the whole patient to assess the care they need. Due to the inherent stigma and shame that many sufferers carry around Sex Addiction, it has historically been difficult for these people to receive treatment. Dr. Sealy is working to change that. We are excited to bring to you today all the latest research, methodology, and new insight that will be liberating for many in the recovery process. This will be an episode that is helpful and encouraging to those who are in recovery. Help and hope are available for you.
More to learn in this episode:

  • How our understanding and controversy of Sex Addiction has changed since the study was pioneered.
  • Understanding the diagnosis of Sexual Addiction.
  • The co-morbid conditions that we see playing a major role in Sex Addiction recovery.
  • How the unique cognitive hallmarks of ADD make it a likely co-morbid condition for addiction.


Work with Dr. Sealy: