Our guest today is AdaPia d’Errico and she is going to talk about intuition and paying attention to our authentic self. Her book is titled Productive Intuition: Connecting To The Subtle

Often, our intuition and our authentic self can be very subtle and difficult to pay attention to, especially if we’ve struggled with trauma and hardship. 

AdaPia is really passionate about her work, sharing her story, and sharing her wisdom. 

Her Story

AdaPia was at a point in her life where she was so completely lost and essentially went through a spiritual crisis. Everything she knew how to do was not working. She completely lost her marbles. She didn’t have anybody to talk to. 

She was prejudging herself before even going into something new. What life or the universe or God delivered to her was just failure. Her whole identity fell apart and, in that process, she realized it wasn’t actually failure; it was a different door she had to go through to get clarity and trust herself.

Her book comes out of her last few years of getting that clarity and discovering how intuitive she is, how intuitive we all are, and how to use that intuition intentionally. We all have intuition. Sometimes we use it and it works but we don’t understand it. Other times we don’t listen to it at all.

If we’ve had trauma or hardship, especially early childhood trauma, listening to intuition can be difficult. In some ways, it doesn’t even seem like it’s there.

We’ve all had different levels and types of trauma. What connects all of us as humans is trauma. The conditioning and stories we grew up with as well as being told who we should be and how to please were all essentially traumatic.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How trauma connects all humans
  • What the intuitive space is
  • How we’re neurologically biologically hardwired for intuition
  • Ways of understanding our intuition
  • Why it’s so hard to let go of a thought
  • This takes work and energy!

Key Quotes:

[04:30] – “We’ve all had different levels and types of trauma, and what connects all of us as humans is trauma because we’ve all had it.”

[05:49] – “You just know. You’re not believing something, you’re not listening to a voice, it’s not a voice, it’s a knowing. And that is inherently tied to intuition.”

[07:02] – “It’s super important to get the left brain on board to really understand instead of blindly believing, because blind belief isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

[07:40] – “There’s all these different mechanisms inside of us that are ways of moving inward instead of outward.”

[08:26] – “Noticing our own pattern starts to bring us inward because we’re focusing on ourselves instead of on somebody else or on an outside object.”

[10:30] – “That emotional, energetic charge lives in our body, which is why so much somatic work is really important to help us release the stories and release the thought.”

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