Fifteen years sober and radiating resilience, Dr. Samantha Harte joins Duane to recount her transformative journey through the depths of addiction to the shores of recovery. With raw honesty, she opens up about the emotional wreckage in her wake, and the intense pressures that drove her to seek healing. Her story, illuminated further in her book “Breaking the Circuit,” serves as a beacon of hope and a guide for those seeking to rewire their lives for joy in the aftermath of trauma. 

Samantha bravely shares the complexities of mending a marriage scarred by infidelity and the personal demons of dependency. Duane’s reflections on solitude and the path to self-soothing weave through the conversation, highlighting the vigorous inner work required to heal the wounds of self-abandonment. Samantha’s voice underscores the potent necessity of forgiveness, not only towards others but starting within – as we navigate the delicate process of rebuilding trust and fostering genuine self-compassion. 

This episode isn’t just an exploration of the recovery landscape – it’s a deep acknowledgment of the human struggle against guilt, shame, and the inner critic that so often hinders our progress. Additionally, Samantha’s perspectives on motherhood and the evolving journey of sobriety, especially among Gen Z, offer a fresh take on the traditional 12-step program, inviting listeners to harness their pain for a higher purpose. Join us as we chart the challenging yet rewarding expedition from the throes of addiction to the light of self-discovery and authentic living.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Overcoming trauma and finding recovery
  • Finding faith in recovery through sponsorship
  • Confronting the reality of addiction
  • Struggling with authenticity and self-abandonment
  • Navigating adversity and soul care

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