How does one confront the silent battles of sex addiction within the LGBTQ community? Brandon Simpson, an associate marriage and family therapist from Novus Mindful Life Institute, joins this conversation to unravel this complex issue, sharing not just professional insights but personal experiences as well. Together, Duane and Brandon shed light on the intersection of intimacy and identity, especially the uphill struggle against a heteronormative bias in therapy that too often overlooks the nuances in LGBTQIA relationships. Get a glimpse of understanding for those navigating these often-misunderstood waters. 

The weight of homophobia can be crushing, driving many towards sex as a coping mechanism and, potentially, into the throes of addiction. This candid discussion with Brandon uncovers the layers of this reality, diving into the internalized homophobia and the consequent shame that propels an individual into the depths of secrecy. They also tackle the daunting world of dating apps like Grindr, dissecting their role in the complex search for meaningful connections amidst a culture saturated with sexual expectations – a conversation that’s as revealing as it is necessary for anyone yearning to grasp the full picture.

This episode is not just an examination of the challenges faced by the gay community, but it also celebrates the courage it takes to set boundaries and the transformation that comes with self-discovery. By sharing stories of resilience and change, this episode underscores the importance of supportive networks and the quest for alignment with personal values. It’s a conversation that doesn’t just affirm the experiences of individuals within the LGBTQ spectrum but also champions the journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling life. Join today’s discussion to affirm the beauty of personal truth – in a world still learning to embrace the full spectrum of human connection.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Challenging heteronormative standards in sex education
  • Internalized homophobia in the LGBTQ community
  • Navigating stereotypes in gay therapy
  • Navigating pressure in LGBTQ community
  • Navigating friend group boundaries

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