When life presented an unexpected challenge that shook the foundations of Eric’s world, it was the principles of martial arts that enabled him to regain stability. With this personal connection, Duane is delighted to introduce Eric Fisher, a certified counselor and martial artist based in Calgary, Canada. In the episode, they delve into how the disciplines of martial arts can serve as a formidable ally in combating addiction and as a valuable resource for promoting mental wellness. Eric recounted his transformative journey, illustrating how the balance, discipline, and self-respect he cultivated through martial arts formed the cornerstone of his approach to counseling.

Strap on your mental gi as we unpack the metaphorical power of martial arts in grappling with life’s adversities. Eric walks us through the concept of ‘thundering uncertainty,’ viewing addiction as a formidable opponent and utilizing ‘five swords’ – affirmations to defend against the battle of addiction. Eric also discusses his application of martial arts in his therapeutic work, where the dojo becomes a training ground not just for physical agility but for emotional resilience. 

The parallels between sparring and facing the challenges of recovery reveal a narrative of growth that extends well beyond the mats. For those looking to harness self-mastery and mental wellness, this episode is a testament to the profound impact that the warrior’s path can have on the road to healing.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Martial arts in addiction treatment
  • Preparing for uncertainty in martial arts
  • Overcoming introversion in martial arts
  • Writing a book on recovery techniques

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