Join us as Emmy award-winning writer and director Topaz Adizes unveils the art of creating deep, human connections through conversation. In this discussion, Duane sits down with Topaz who shares his journey with the documentary series {The And} – revealing how authentic dialogues between various pairs,  from family members to romantic partners, can transform our understanding of communication. 

By spotlighting the powerful effect of listening and the role of the listener, we’re invited to explore how true connection can serve as an antidote to addiction, providing methods to cultivate meaningful relationships even in the face of past trauma. Listen in as we further discuss the changing landscape of human connections in our tech-driven era, contemplating whether the emotional experiences of love and connection have shifted with the rise of digital communication. 

From documenting intimate conversations with couples to the implications of technology on relationships without physical proximity, this episode offers insights into using technology to strengthen bonds. Plus, we examine the importance of process over solutions in couples therapy, highlighting the significance of couples engaging directly with each other to foster a neurobiological need for connection. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Topaz that could change how you approach communication and connection in your life.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Deep human connection through conversation
  • The evolution of human connection
  • Couples therapy through connection practice

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