Struggling with mental health can feel like a solitary battle, but there’s profound strength in shared experiences. In this episode, Duane speaks with Derek DuChesne and Dr. Zaid Fadul of Better U, a company that provides safe, affordable, clinically-guided at-home ketamine treatments for anxiety and depression.

Walk through Derek’s raw and poignant narrative, from grappling with identity loss and suicidal thoughts to finding a renewed sense of purpose – highlighting that even from the depths of despair, a path to resurgence awaits with the right support and resources. As we navigate the therapeutic landscape, we uncover the profound impact that ketamine therapy has on reframing mental health battles. 

This conversation also traverses the landscapes of neuroplasticity, emphasizing how combining ketamine therapy with consistent exercise can carve new paths in our brain, leading to healthier mental patterns and ultimately personal transformation.

Mental wellness isn’t a destination, but a journey of integrating wellness practices into our daily lives. Discover how ketamine therapy can be a catalyst for adopting these healthier routines, and how Better U can provide the support that goes beyond mere words – reminding us all that the spark of life, no matter how dim, can always be rekindled.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Overcoming depression through hope and therapy
  • The unexpected therapeutics effects of ketamine
  • The impact of neuroplasticity on our mental flexibility
  • Ketamine therapy for mental wellness

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