Have you ever wondered how a person can turn adversity into triumph, and then use their victory to uplift others? Today’s guest,  Randall Bowman, has an incredible story of resilience that you cannot miss. An Indigenous business owner, woodworker, and a living testament to the power of recovery, Randall takes us on a journey from his near-fatal car accident and addiction battles to his awe-inspiring recovery.

From a tender age, Randall grappled with substance abuse as a way to manage anxiety. He shares his struggles with drugs and alcohol and the traumatic experiences that led him to heroin and methamphetamine. His story takes a turn when he finds himself fighting for the custody of his son. The pain of failing to win his son back pushes him further into addiction. However, his resilience is apparent when he decides to seek help and turn his life around. His story could change your perspective about addiction and recovery.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Resilience and recovery
  • Struggles with substance abuse and recovery
  • Overcoming addiction and life-changing accidents
  • Overcoming addiction and helping others: the importance of medication, therapy, and support

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