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In a society where the realms of justice, recovery, and public policy intersect in myriad ways, understanding these intersections and how they impact individuals is crucial. There are barriers, often intertwined with justice system involvement, which can pose significant challenges. For instance, minor offenses can escalate into arrest warrants, posing a significant challenge for those already grappling with recovery and housing insecurity. 

Join Duane in this riveting conversation with Meghan O’Neil, a  Research Scholar, Drug Enforcement Policy Center, The Ohio State University, who dedicates her work to confronting racial and economic inequality’s impacts on health. Duane and Meghan delve into the civil justice issues that can create substantial barriers for individuals in early recovery. Meghan emphasizes the critical importance of housing in the recovery process, and the struggles faced by individuals in early recovery in securing a stable living environment. 

Meghan also gives a first-hand look at her groundbreaking Removing Barriers Experiment, which promises to revolutionize opioid treatment centers. Meghan’s unique insights, fueled by her family’s struggles with substance misuse, shed unique light on the multifaceted challenges that people in early recovery face. Her innovative approach to breaking down barriers includes the creation of online court resources for those in recovery. She shares her journey of connecting with the local recovery community, facilitating access to vital services, and fostering open communication with the court system. 

Leave this discussion with a profound understanding of the hurdles that individuals in recovery must overcome – from navigating an often unforgiving justice system to the struggle of securing stable housing. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Insights on public policy, racial and economic inequality
  • How Meghan’s Removing Barriers Experiment aims to address the opioid crisis
  • Creating online court resources for recovery
  • Removing barriers to recovery and re-entry
  • Civil justice barriers for vulnerable populations 
  • Housing’s importance in addiction recovery
  • Issues in the housing and justice system

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Supporting Resources:

Removing Barriers Experiment: https://meghanoneilcom.wordpress.com/removing-barriers-to-recovery/


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