Are you shackled by the chains of a traumatic past? Meet Brooke Bralove, our licensed clinical social worker who shines a light on the path towards healing, with the therapeutic technique known as Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART, a therapy to help with trauma stored in the brain and body. 

Brooke masterfully guides us through how ART aids in processing traumatic memories and emotions trapped within our minds and bodies, offering an escape from emotional pain and distress. Plunge into the transformative world of ART and learn about how this potent healing tool can help overcome trauma, panic attacks, and even chronic pain. 

Brooke, with her expert knowledge, explains how our body’s instinctual responses to danger can be managed effectively through ART. Additionally, she explores the benefits of ART in addressing anxiety, depression, body image issues, eating disorders, and chronic illness. 

She delves deeper into the profound benefits of ART and walks us through how the use of images and sensations in ART that can help process the physical sensations associated with trauma. She signifies the vital role ART can play in complementing existing treatments and providing a holistic healing approach. Learn what the relief ART can bring, not only to clients but also to therapists, in reducing burnout, and get equipped to unleash the healing prowess of ART.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How ART can help process traumatic memories and feelings that are stored in our brains and bodies
  • How ART can be an effective tool to manage natural instinctive responses to danger
  • The benefits of ART 
  • The value of ART to therapists themselves, helping them ward off burnout

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