Can you imagine overcoming addiction with the help of an app? In this fascinating episode, Duane had the pleasure of speaking with Chandler Rogers, CEO and co-founder of Relay, a digital group-based program for finding healing from addiction. Chandler opened up about his inspiring journey of overcoming behavioral addiction and the development of Relay, aiming to make recovery smarter and more accessible.

They delve into Chandler’s struggles with pornography, shame, and self-esteem, and how group therapy provided the compassionate accountability necessary for change. Chandler shares how the power of connection and support inspired him to create a digital tool that could help others in their recovery journey. Learn about the incredible development and support of the app, as well as the success stories that have come from those who have found healing through the program.

By the end, they discuss Chandler’s vision for the future of addiction recovery technology and how Relay is transforming lives. Explore how the app guides users through creating their recovery plan, feeling empowered and supported every step of the way. Learn more about this innovative tool and the incredible impact it’s having on those struggling with addiction.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The dangers of Internet pornography
  • Teamwork and accountability in recovery 
  • Building a tool for addiction support 
  • Starting a company 
  • Passion for Relay project 

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