In the realm of addiction treatment, it’s important to understand that you can only master your health and find joy in your life once you’re able to balance the power of your mind, your body, and your higher self.

If you’re just living in your physical body, doctors can help you just fine. But if you’re living in your physical body and your spiritual body is in need of healing, then they would have a hard time doing that. 

Western medicine tries to generalize in this physics-based realm, which is very important, but it can only do so much. You could throw as much drugs at patients or do all kinds of physical interventions but nothing changes. 

What people should understand is that there’s this spiritual realm. There is something more than just the physical void that needs to be filled – and that’s where nontraditional medicine could come in.

In Mona Balogh’s book, “How to Stay Out of My Emergency Room: Master Your Health and Find Joy in Your Life by Balancing the Power of Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Higher Self,” she introduces the potential of nontraditional medicine in addiction treatment.

Mona outlines two separate, but related paths – the path towards your higher self and the path towards a higher power – which can both be achieved through meditation. Meditation is just getting into your mind with a certain sense of strength and a certain understanding of how you get there. Then you stay there and use your mind in a structured way, which requires a lot of energy. 

As with any addiction, whether you are the addict, the treater of the addiction, or just the loved one or caregiver, – it requires enormous work because you’re dealing with an enormous gorilla in the room.

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