For most people who get into recovery, at some point, food and sugar become an issue in their life. It serves as a secondary feel-good mechanism when they’re not feeling great. And people are not in a mental state to even make the correct decisions about this product until they detox. 

Mike Collins, founder of talks about sugar being the original gateway drug. The nucleus accumbens, the dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, GABA, adrenal glands, oxytocin, even your endorphins – all these things are affected by sugar. 

Why People Are Struggling with Sugar Addiction

Food companies understand the neurological workings of our brain and take advantage of that to be able to sell their product. It has that long shelf life so it’s cheap to manufacture. And once they get you addicted to it, they keep selling it to you. 

The food industry has weaponized this knowledge that they literally slide people into MRIs and watch their brains light up like drugs and alcohol in the same place to see how that product affects that nucleus accumbens. People, especially children, are becoming addicted to it, but sadly, people aren’t aware of it. 

Sugar has become a cultural norm. An unconscious part of your brain knows that sugar will change how you feel. It’s pleasurable, so it shifts everything.

It’s not just food, it’s a mood changer.

Some people may stop for 30 days. But they revert back to their emotional management system, which has been co-opted by sugar. We are literally managing our emotions with a ubiquitous, almost free product that’s available anywhere. Ultimately, we have to separate hyper palatable foods and sugar from real food. 

The Real Problem Behind the Epidemic of Overweight Children

Back in the 50’s, obesity wasn’t a problem. And somehow, we got into this mess. 

The problem is not gluttony and sloth, but the ridiculous brainwashing that the diet industry and even the health industry and the doctors have been preaching. They talk about exercise more and eat less, which is total crap. 

According to Collins, the concept of calories needs to be destroyed. It’s a ridiculous construct. Calories are a unit of energy measurement., and it’s not really what’s happening to your liver and brain by these products. 

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