In his book, the 30-Second Solution: Transform Your Body, Business, Relationships, and Life in Just Seconds at a Time, Ron Kardashian explains how making micro-changes in your life can change your brain and live the life you want. 

We all can change that narrative – and in changing that narrative and that belief system, we can change our life. 

The Correlation Between Success and Personal Development

The path of self-discovery is the home of the human soul and we are on a personal quest to become better “me’s.” Once you develop that perspective, you move into a dynamic field called personal development. 

The most wealthy people and the most successful people all have personal development as a core value. Their emotional intelligence governs these behaviors that ultimately bring change.  They have a value system where they feel the need to read more, explore more, and surround themselves with a multitude of counsel. 

Understanding the Law of Neuroplasticity

In meditation, you enter into a state where dopamine and serotonin are beginning to fire. Hence, your need to rewire your brain to re-fire and go higher. 

As you meditate, it’s not just sounds, but actual words. You are living a meditative life, not just sitting and focusing quietly. In your day-to-day vernacular, you are creating word sequences that are building neural connections in the brain that are firing and rewiring to the words that you speak. 

You can change this by changing what you believe about yourself through that wisdom, through that impartation of spiritual truths, and then you begin to change your sentence structure. 

The law of neuroplasticity then shifts that belief system into saying that you can become something new. Science has confirmed that the brain is pliable, and it can change on demand. 

Ultimately, the parallels between scientific truth and time-tested spiritual truth create this cocktail of success.

The Role of Education in Addiction Recovery

Education is a very important element in addiction recovery. It begins with knowing yourself through deep introspection. It’s not just any meditation, but literally meditating the Word of God. 

The Bible is a very powerful tool, that is often underestimated yet offers a wealth of information that could guide you through life. 

For instance, Proverbs is the study of how to deal with other people. While the book of Psalms is about how to deal with yourself. King David, meanwhile, is a great mentor for a lot of people dealing with trauma and shame. 

Once an understanding of your trauma and addiction and how it’s affecting your cognitive health is achieved, education then moves into revelation.
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