People think recovery is about addiction and about the drug addict. However, recovery is about restoring souls. 

In his book Stop Hiding, Start Healing, Craig Brown explains that there are people who have had some painful experiences in the past where the pain still wrecks them. 

Such pain has become a catalyst for troubles in their marriage, professions, outlook, self-esteem, self-worth, and identity. They experienced it but they never dealt with it. Therefore, they hide from it. 

Now, people have so many resources available to get well but the shame of their past is debilitating them. Therefore, they have to crack open the bondage of shame and guilt so they can be set free and begin healing. 

However, it’s not natural for us to face our pain. We weren’t conditioned for it. 

The Way to Break Free From the Bondage

If you’re struggling with pain, shame, guilt, or pain of the past, or if you cannot be set free from addiction, take a good self-awareness check of your pain level. If it’s greater than your fear of changing, you have to step out of hiding, start healing, and get help. 

When the pain is greater than the fear of changing or the fear of shame, more often than not you’re going to do whatever it takes to get well. By the time you’re ready to end the fight, you set yourself free. 

If you’re the loved one, the parent, or the family member of someone struggling, first of all, it’s not your fault. They’re choosing that on their own due to their own hurt and their own void. You may strongly feel this urge to help them, but you’re not going to be able to rescue them because only they can do it on their own. 

However, once they get to a pain level that’s greater than their fear, then they’ll step up and surrender.
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