Growing up in a family and community where alcohol was prevalent, Henry Ward subconsciously knew he got the addictive gene. Eventually, he got stuck into this vicious cycle which caused a lot of damage to his reputation and pushed away relationships and even relationships that never happened because of the way he was. 

Ultimately, he went into treatment and discovered his passion for running. Through his nonprofit Running Without the Devil. It helps people suffering from addiction get the treatment and aftercare they need and emphasizes running and fitness as a critical part of their recovery and maintenance plans.

Achieving a Successful Recovery From Addiction 

1. Put in the work.

There is no magic pill. It doesn’t matter if it’s diet or exercise or recovery from addiction, you have to put the work in. If you want to succeed in a career, you can’t just half-ass it. If you have a half-assed recovery, you’re going to get half-assed results, and you probably go back out there. It takes constant maintenance and taking a daily inventory of yourself. 

2. Push through the stinking thinking.

Snap out of all the negative things in your mind. Draw inspiration from the Serenity prayer by looking at things you can control and those you can’t. Quiet the negative voices. Quiet that devil and just break everything down into smaller fragments as it teaches you to stay in the moment.

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