We’ve all had different levels and types of trauma. What connects all of us as humans is trauma. The conditioning and stories we grew up with as well as being told who we should be and how to please were all essentially traumatic.

What is an Intuitive Space?

The intuitive space is that feeling that you just know. You’re not believing something and you’re not listening to a voice. 

It’s not a voice but a knowing. 

This is inherently tied to intuition or your intuitive space. That’s the space where we can learn to trust ourselves and not seek answers outside of ourselves. We get over the stories from our trauma by coming back into ourselves and listening to our gut.

Ways of Understanding Our Intuition

One of the most effective ways for understanding your intuition is through meditation. 

Secondly, you could also notice what you do daily and how you react instead of respond. Notice how your own pattern starts to bring you inward because you’re focusing on yourself instead of on somebody else or on an outside object. In that process of noticing, you can start to actually discern a thought.

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