Over the years, our society has normalized drinking. At almost every party or event, booze is a huge part of the celebration. 

No booze = no fun. 

But what if we could create a space where everyone can just have fun while still being their authentic self – minus the alcohol?

A Booze-Free Space for Everyone to Enjoy

Over the last decade, Drew Davis has battled the ugly side effects of autoimmune diseases. At the same time, she struggled with depression which led her to resort to drinking. 

After experiencing some life-threatening issues with some of her autoimmune diseases, Drew knew it was time for her to reevaluate the toxic things in her life and move towards a healthy and authentic space. 

This led her to create Gem Bar, an inclusive alcohol-free space that allows people to indulge, experience, and connect with booze-free options, as well as achieve sustainable wellness and self-care. At the Gem Bar, people can just have a great time as they discover themselves more, connect with other people, and heal, without having to deal with the ill effects of alcohol. 

Drew is committed to creating a space that normalizes “not drinking,” where everyone can just feel safe to be their authentic selves.

What Happens at the Gem Bar

Sometimes you feel like you’re alone in your trauma, or nobody understands. And it’s nice to connect with people who understand you at a certain level. And without judgment, you can share stories or support one another. 

At the Gem Bar, people, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender, can have that safe space to connect with each other – minus the booze. The space has a lounge where people can get their alcohol-free drinks. Gem Bar also offers healing events such as Reiki healing and sound baths.
If you want to learn more about normalizing a space of sobriety, check out https://theaddictedmind.com/199