Anxiety and worry are things we all can struggle with at times and the core of those feelings is fear. But at some point, we have to realize we have our own loving power that’s bigger than our fear. And we need to claim that to free ourselves from the bondage of pain and lack of self-worth. 

The body sometimes knows how much you can handle – and if you’re open enough, it’ll give you what you need to keep growing. Gigi Langer, author of 50 Ways to Worry Less Now, explains that we all need to heal some old patterns and break the whispered lies we tell ourselves.

The Whispered Lies

One of the biggest whispered lies we tend to believe in is that we’re not lovable. Unfortunately, we are strongly attached to these beliefs that we don’t even see them. They become so automatic that we don’t even realize we’re responding to them. 

We live according to those lies that can lead us down some dark paths until we really slow down, get some support, and get some reflection back from other trustworthy people. 

Ultimately, you have to claim your true self or loving power that’s bigger than your own fear. 

Once you see those patterns, you can give up your own sense of control and you begin to trust the process more. Then you realize the lies you tell yourself have nothing to do with you, at the core.

Reconnecting with Your Authentic Self

Most of the things that are advertised and glorified are things that numb us away from our true selves. It’s so easy to resort to shopping or emotional eating, or numb your feelings with any habitual behavior. But your chance of becoming happy is almost nil because you won’t be able to get honest and own what’s going on with you. 

When we start to heal and get honest, and we dissolve some of those blockages, the more love flows in and out, and then these amazing things start happening.

The Biggest Worry and Anxiety Buster

Meditation is the biggest way of eliminating worry and anxiety in your life. But meditation doesn’t mean you have to empty your mind and all of your thoughts. 

Mindfulness meditation is noticing your thoughts, but not getting on the train and riding to its conclusion. Instead, you’re just noticing and letting it pass. And then noticing again or focusing on your body, and then noticing how your brain tries to construct all this story, and then finally, coming back to your body. 

This is something that takes a lot of practice. Notice what your mind is doing and separate it from the one observing. Just slow down and watch what’s going on. But it’s a skill that you’ve got to keep doing and practicing. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

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