How has music played an impact on your life? 

In addiction treatment, there are various ways you can do to get the help you need or get to that place where you can find healing for true recovery to happen. 

For singer/songwriter and author John Dillon, he turned to music as part of his healing and recovery from addiction. John has taken all of his life’s experiences, suffering, and pain, and turned those into beautiful music through his album Hope Road: From Addiction to Recovery.

It’s also through music that John hopes to be able to share his journey with other people who may still be struggling and who need more hope in their life so they can ultimately achieve recovery.

A Look Into the Album, Hope Road: From Addiction to Recovery

  • The Double Life – this was written at a time when he was this one person while he was at home with his family, and then changed into a different person when he was out on the road, doing drugs. 
  • White Flag – about the time John reached a turning point in his life and he finally surrendered. 
  • Thirty Years of Tears – is a cover of a John Hiatt song about his experience in rehab. 
  • The Help I Need – talks about John’s early life in the 12-step program, and the work he did with his sponsor that encapsulates service, helping others, and how recovery works.
  • War – is about the war that goes on within yourself when you want to stop but you can’t stop. It’s written by his son, Jackson who’s in early recovery.
  • Learn to Serve – a song about service.
  • BYOG – It doesn’t matter what your religion is, there’s a way to get better.
  • Gratitude – Being grateful and sharing gratitude has been a real key to John’s sobriety.
  • Hope Road – It talks about how recovery has manifested itself in his life and how grateful he is to be traveling on the road of hope.

There’s a certain magic about music that carries a message in a way that can reach people more directly and powerfully than the spoken word. And that’s exactly what John has done – combining his passion for music and his commitment to serving other people.If you want to learn more about John’s addiction and recovery journey, check out