You’ve probably heard of someone who’s suffered from chronic pain, gone to doctors, ran all the tests necessary, and surprisingly, none of the doctors could actually diagnose the problem.

Andrew Hahn, Founder of Life Centered Therapy, explains how chronic pain, limiting beliefs, and even addictions are not physical in nature, but energetic. 

Hahn says that the dense energy in the body can sometimes be more powerful than affirmations. And so, in order to heal, deeper internal work has to be done through transforming one’s narrative.

The Concept of Chronic Pain and Where It’s Coming From

Everything you suffer about is something that couldn’t be handled and taken in stride. Whether you call it chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, addiction, or bad relationships, it’s something that couldn’t be handled and integrated. 

Trauma is subjective. It’s something that can’t be handled. And so, people need to be free of their reactivity. 

Every symptom you have is, on the surface, awful. However, on a soul level, it’s a clue to what it is that couldn’t have been handled and integrated. 

How to Heal From Pain, Addiction, and Trauma

When something can’t be handled and integrated in that moment, a sensation is born. You become engrossed in the suffering and you get stuck. You believe you are the sensation and no longer will you be living in the present moment. 

The thing you think is an accident and fate, you unconsciously create without awareness because that sensation acts like a magnet.

In order to break free from this, you need to shift your perspective from being identified with the one who is traumatized to identifying with the one who is witnessing the one who is traumatized – which is who we really are. 

Being an impartial observer, you’re able to watch and see what’s going on. There’s a separateness to it that enables you to transcend it, walk through it, and not be engrossed in it. 

Healing Your Narrative

Every discomfort is a narrative that couldn’t be handled, and anything you can’t handle has an exact associated discomfort. 

We have stories that we tell ourselves and the brain can make those stories meaningful and purposeful. Now, if we shift those stories, we’ll change how we make them happen. 

In order to heal, you need to master what couldn’t be handled and integrated. You have to be able to get out of that story or master it to be able to shift it and change it. And once you do that, growth happens and transformation begins.
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