Many people go through their day always having to do something. Whether that’s getting involved in your kid’s activities, running errands, or working – you do things every day to ignite your fire. Even when you work out, you think the harder, faster, or heavier it is, the better. 

The question is, do you still have the time to breathe? 

According to Michelle Hillier, recovery coach, and mind/body educator, a lot of people tend to do things that create fire more than they do things that allow them to find their breath. It’s important to understand that as much as you’re igniting your fire within, you also have to find your breath.

Especially when you’re in the recovery phase, which is also where Michelle is at right now, she outlines the importance of balancing both breath and fire to keep you in the flow. 

How to Find Your Breath

There are different ways to be creative when it comes to finding your breath. You could go walking, have a bath, meditate, or take a nap. Surround yourself with nature. Meditation is just being aware of your thoughts. Sit still even just for five minutes, close your eyes, and put music on if you like. 

Using Yoga, Movement, and Breath to Come to Your Authentic Self

The Movement Piece

The key is functional, intentional movement – and not for an hour, but during little breaks throughout your day. Whether you jump around, shake, put music on and dance, squat, stretch or move around a bit, whatever it is, just do something to move the energy through your body.

The Yoga Piece

Find a posture that you feel a great deep stretch in. Stay in it and breathe in it. Find those moments of flexibility and focus.

The Breathwork 

Connect to your breath and be aware of it. Thoughts are going to come and that’s okay. Let your thoughts go by without judging them. Observe them but don’t let them drop into a feeling because that’s when you get stuck in the story. 

The Homecoming

In her hope of helping other people come back home to their authentic selves, Michelle has launched The Homecoming program. It’s a three-week intensive that teaches people to do a personal inventory of what brings them breath and what brings fire into their life.

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