Gregg Ostrin, the brilliant playwright behind “The Spy Who Went Into Rehab,” shares his incredible journey of recovery, maintaining sobriety since 1987, and how his personal experiences inspired his writing. Duane sits down with Gregg to discuss his fascinating career transition from acting to writing, his impressive work in film and television marketing, and his triumphant return to playwriting. The conversation takes a humorous turn as they explore the concept of his latest play that reimagines a James Bond-like character grappling with addiction and anger management issues, shedding light on the cultural implications of addiction through the lens of a spy character.

They also tackle the challenges of producing original plays in smaller theaters, especially in Los Angeles, where revivals of well-known works often take center stage. Gregg shares valuable insights on attracting audiences to new plays and the impact of critical reviews. They reflect on how his play resonates with both the recovery community and those outside it, using familiar spy movie tropes to craft a narrative that connects with all generations. Join Duane and Gregg for this engaging episode that blends comedy, cultural commentary, and the profound journey of recovery.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Reimagining James Bond in rehab
  • Exploring personal history and freedom
  • The challenges of producing original plays in smaller theaters
  • Consumer culture and its pervasive influence on our behaviors and choices
  • Nostalgic movie tropes in modern culture

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