The moment Meridee Hlokoff realized she’d driven hours without the faintest whisper of a craving was nothing short of miraculous. In this episode, Meridee recounts her incredible transition from a habitual smoker to a smoke-free champion, all thanks to the somewhat mystifying world of cold laser therapy. The conversation peels back the veil on addiction, examining how deeply physical cravings and psychological triggers are intertwined, and how Meridee’s skepticism turned to awe-inspiring affirmation of this unconventional treatment’s effectiveness. 

Victory over addiction rarely comes easy or without its own set of battles, and Meridee’s tale is a testament to this truth. Through her narrative, they explore the reality that even after conquering physical dependency, the mental chains of addiction can linger, presenting their own hurdles. Her personal anecdotes shed light on the strategies she employed to navigate through the common triggers of boredom and stress, offering hope to those still fighting the psychological war that persists even after the physical need has subsided. 

Bringing a blend of science and personal experience to the table, they uncover the surprising success rates behind cold laser therapy and acupuncture. Meridee doesn’t just share her story; she provides a beacon of hope, illuminating the journey for others by acquiring the business that once freed her from her own addiction. Together, they examine how support systems and strategic interventions can pave new neural pathways, reinforcing that recovery is a comprehensive journey of both body and mind. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Exploring cold laser therapy for addiction
  • Understanding addiction and breaking habits
  • Cold laser therapy success rates and discovery
  • Effectiveness of tongue rings in treatments
  • Cold laser therapy for addiction
  • Overcoming addiction with new neural pathways

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