Unlock the secrets to transforming your business into a haven for employee well-being with insights from Cheryl Brown-Merriwether, a trailblazer in marrying corporate HR with addiction recovery education. As we navigate the post-pandemic world, Cheryl lays out the stark realities and innovative solutions needed to foster recovery-friendly workplaces. This episode is a beacon of hope for businesses striving to support their employees’ mental health and addiction recovery journeys, featuring discussions on government and institutional advancements, as well as practical initiatives that encourage seeking help. 

Step into a conversation that breaks down the barriers between addiction, mental health, and professional success. With Cheryl’s expertise, we examine the integral role of empathy, peer support, and HR departments in creating a work culture where recovery is not just supported but celebrated. The dialogue traverses the significance of the Surgeon General’s recent framework for mental health in the workplace, offering a roadmap to navigate the complexities of these intertwined challenges. This exchange is a testament to the power of inclusive leadership in initiating a substantial shift within workplace environments to prioritize employee health. 

Prepare to be part of a revolutionary movement as Cheryl details the upcoming national launch of an institute designed to promote recovery-friendly workplaces. This landmark initiative aims to arm employers, particularly those leading small businesses, with the tools necessary to build supportive environments while also exploring the benefits awaiting businesses that commit to this cause. We also shine a light on the burgeoning role of recovery coaches in the workplace—not just as a source of support but as a beacon that guides individuals towards a more fulfilling professional and personal life. Join us for a journey through the heart of corporate compassion, where the well-being of each employee is the cornerstone of business success.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Supporting workplace addiction awareness
  • Preventing substance use disorder in workplace
  • Responders and support for substance misuse
  • Leadership supporting systems development
  • Recovery-friendly workplaces made exciting and easy
  • Creating safe and accessible hr programs
  • Professional recovery coaches in the workplace
  • Connecting people for support and resources

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