In a world grappling with addiction, every pathway to recovery is sacred. As we navigate the tumultuous terrain of our own recovery, we find solace and strength in shared stories. 

Such as this journey of transformation and discovery by Dr. Michael Gordon, author of “The 12-Step Pathway: A Heroic Journey of Recovery.” With insights gained from personal experience and expertise, Michael explores the power of the 12-step program and its symbiotic relationship with the concept of the hero’s journey. 

In this episode, Duane and Michael also take a deep dive into Joseph Campbell’s philosophy, unraveling the profound significance of the hero’s journey in the realm of addiction recovery. Highlighting the call to adventure and the subsequent refusal of the call, they provide a comprehensive breakdown of the hero’s journey, as well as discuss the courage it takes to face one’s dark side and make amends, illustrating the potent parallels between the 12-step recovery process and the hero’s journey.

As they navigate through the intricate stages of the hero’s journey and link them to the recovery process, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the emotional evolution that accompanies addiction. While the journey to recovery may be arduous, it’s a journey within reach for anyone. Tune in and bear witness to the universal struggle for recovery, and the hero within us all – just waiting to emerge.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • 12 steps and hero’s journey
  • Campbell’s influence on the hero’s journey
  • The hero’s journey in addiction recovery
  • Constructing the book intuitively
  • The importance of the 12 steps

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Book: The 12-Step Pathway: A Heroic Journey of Recovery

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